Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breakfast Buddy!

So as of this semester I have been having breakfast with a boy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And by having breakfast with I mean that we sit 2-6 seats apart and never talk to each other!! I'm pretty sure he's never gonna read this so I'm good! Our first semester of college we had two classes together, and we had some laughs during class, he even introduced me to Fruit Ninjas! I'm not sure why we don't talk, I think it's just awkward because we never hung out outside of class, and looking at it from a world perspective we are just two students at the same college.

It really isn't a big thing, but its kinda become a joke between me and my friends that know about him that: "It's the 21st century, girls can start the conversations" but the one thing that I took away from the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" was that if he likes you he will make the effort, and if he makes no effort, then he's just not that into you. He's a pretty cute guy, I know nothing about him; I honestly can't remember his name because during my first semester he never actually introduced himself to me and I tried to figure it out by reading the roll sheet one day and I completely failed. I think it might start with a J, still not really sure.

If he is magically reading this,then you should e-mail me to let me know what on earth happened, because other than my complete awkwardness around boys, I have no idea what I did wrong. I sat in a math lab for three hours, even though I had already completed mine three weeks prior, helping you with trig, and I even offered to tutor you in chemistry, in case you were wondering I passed both classes with Bs. In general if anyone has met me and knows how I can fix my awkwardness then let me know, because I'm going to have to find a husband some day and I hope whomever he is, he better love the fact that I cannot carry small talk AT ALL, and that he embraces my awkwardness.

Even at work I fail at small talk. Plus when I'm checking out at a grocery store I just want them to swipe my items, so that I can swipe my card, so that I can get in and out as fast as possible. Even if the cashier wants to know my how my day is, I can hardly talk to the person. When I'm the cashier I say "Hi there doing alright today?" guess what I realllllly don't care what the answer is, once I had a customer tell me he was having an awful day and I said "Great!". Needless to say he decided to make a point that I was not listening to the customers, and he called me out in front of one of my managers. Then I ask you a question that I am required to ask by whatever retailer that I work for. I tell you that there is one more question to answer on the pin pad, because I know you didn't answer all 100 of the questions so that you could actually complete your purchase. Then I tell you to have a great night. I don't even say have a great day anymore, because I don't care how your day goes, because you just bought alcohol so I'm pretty sure your gonna have a great night.  Just being honest here....

So if anyone wants to be my breakfast buddy and have breakfast with me and actually TALK to me let me know. I'm in brough normally around 10 sometimes a little before and I always sit on the bar side by the dish return. Because I adore hearing the squeaking of the dish return and if you are talking louder than the squeaking I'm probably going to give you a look.  Hope everyone enjoys the Beyonce concert and awesome commercials, but sorry for that game that plays in-between them all, its so annoying right?

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