Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wrapping up the school year

So the whole blogging then never really took off. Guess I just had too much going on sometimes. I'm ending the year strong. I;m done with my first year of college May 11th and then I'm off for the summer!! Oh wait, JK, I'm taking some classes this summer as well. I also got a job for the summer so I'll be in Rogers working and doing school, and hopefully kayaking a little bit. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, Valentines Day, Spring Break, MLK Day, and whatever other holidays I missed. Hope everyone has a great summer and wish me good luck on my finals this semester!!!

Bye y'all!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to School

So the first week of the Spring semester has officially ended!!!!! I'm got a pretty good schedule this semester. Music Literature, English 2, Chemistry 2, History (American before 1877), Livestock Management and Meat Evaluation. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes don't start for me until 11:30 and Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30.

Music class is going to be a breeze, English is interesting because I am in a research project for my teacher (who is also a grad student) dealing with World of Warcraft. So YES, I now have a WoW account.... Chemistry is gonna be a hard class defiantly, but I made a B in Chemistry last semester so hopefully I'll get the same or better this semester. History I'm going to have to work at pretty hard, I am unintelligent at American History. If I hadn't been born in the USA I probably wouldn't be able to pass the knowledge test to become a citizen.... LME is going to be tough just because I've never dealt with large animals before, but I know I'll learn a lot.

Winter break was pretty good, Christmas was awesome with my parents and sister, and I even got a new car during the break. I am now the proud driver of a JEEP!!!!! Its hard getting use to driving it compared to all the little cars I've been driving, but I LOVE IT!!!!!

I should probably get back to doing homework.This semester I'm gonna try hard to post more, so this is me trying!! Toodles!