Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last weekend I went camping with a few people from my floor. There were 3 girl freshmen, and 3 boy freshmen, our 2 RAs and their 1 friend... and  5 other people with us because we needed at least 1 full time employee from the school. So 14 of us hopped into 3 cars and drove to Steel Creek Campground.

We went into two different caves, Climbed up a riverbank where I almost fell to my death, walked through a thicket of thorns and a meadow of stickers. Lots of good times. :) Lets not forget where I slept... The boys decided to give us the leaky tent and not tell us, and ten minutes after us being in our tent it rained. So 5 girls and 4 boys slept in a 6 person waterproof tent. BGGBGBGB and a G laying at our feet it was pretty hilarious.

Plus if we add the two drunk ladies next to us yelling all night, waking up to find half a boy's body on your thigh and my neighbor squished up on the side of me, and the fact that we all barely know each other is pretty awesome.

It was a really awesome weekend and we had a lot of good laughs, and now my neighbor and I have even more inside jokes together. Ahhh, Good times as a College Freshman.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

College Life

So its the start of October and I haven't posted in awhile. Dorm life has been going pretty good. On my section of the floor we have six rooms. The first room has two girls that are sorority girls I think, they have a life size cut out of Justin Bieber. I don't plan on making friends with them any time soon. They next room I've met both girls, but one of them is never here and the other likes to get it on. Behind door number three are two awesome girls. There are super funny and fun to be around. I live in the fourth room with my roommate. Room number five: one girl falls off her bed a lot, and the other I hardly ever see. The last room the girls are nice and friendly, but I haven't really befriended them.

Here is an overview of my last month or so. I passed a Chemistry test with D, a Trig test with a B, and I got an A on my first English Essay Exam. Made a D on my most recent Chemistry Exam and the first part of my Second Math test.

I've made some friends in my classes, and I seem to be getting better in Chemistry. The food is food, and as of last week I have lost five pounds since starting class at the U. In my English class we are reading a book called No Impact Man. I am enjoying the book, so much in fact that I have actually decided to make a little impact myself. Starting October 1st, which was yesterday, I will only be taking the stairs. No more elevator for me.... My first day on the experiment I walked up and down nine flights on stairs nine times. There are about 130 stairs from the ground floor to the ninth floor. I took that route at least six times because I was doing laundry. Thankfully my lovely neighbor rode down in the elevator with my laundry and brought it up, so I would not have to to literally drag up my laundry and myself up the ten flights of stairs.

Bikes, Blues, and Bar-B-Q was happening this week. Let me tell ya, when you live in fayetteville you could really care less. Fayetteville(ers) have do deal with the vrooming all day and night. Plus if a biker sees you on a scooter they hassle you, which I don't think is very nice...

On Friday night I went the a high school football game with my neighbor. You could see the whole city from the stadium. My high school could have eaten the High, Junior, and Elementary Schools in one bite. The game was good, it was nice to see a team with rushing yards in the plus. We had a lot of fun, and ever though her school lost it was nice to watch High Schoolers again, but nothing beats the HOGS!!!!!!! Saturday they had a rough start, but we pulled through and kick Texas A&M's butt 42-38.

College is good so far, and it is only getting better by the day. Except the homework, every week I get even more. :( Oh well, I love to learn so it's all good.

Here is the picture of my tattoo!!!!   Toodles!!!!