Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Year Experience

SO, today was the first day of classes. I had math, chemistry, and English. My math teacher assumed that no one was a freshman and was speaking about classes that "everyone took their freshman year". I had no idea what classes he was talking about or even why I needed to know about them, but man was it funny. This man emphasizes the wrong words at the weirdest times, and he seemed to think that everyone was loving his jokes. Let me tell ya... Jokes from a teacher in college equals not really that funny.

After class I went up to my dorm, because the buildings are right next to each other, and switched out my books. I had a little but of time to kill so I checked my e-mail and found my syllabus for English to print out. I also found my math one and put it on a thumb drive. Then I went to the Library and has a nice young man explain to we how to log in, where to put my thumb drive, and how to print. Thanks, whoever you are, you made me have to think a little less today. I decided to take my bike to my chemistry lecture, in BARNHILL ARENA. Yeah, that's right my class was in a basketball stadium.

My professor is a very nice lady that has, well lets just say, a lot of quirks. There are three hundred and thirty five students in my class, and she also finds it apparent to tells jokes and just be nerdy in front or all of us. Don't get me wrong, I love dorky and nerdy people, but when I'm paying good money for a higher education I would like for everyone to treat class with respect. All my professors are very nice people and are very intelligent, no offense to them, but my learning style is a little more exact than: um okay so next, let's um talk about me. I love the out doors, like this one time... Now my English teacher he is just the right amount of funny and intellect.

Before we get to English lets talk about between classes. I have enough time between classes that I could actually be having another class. I biked up to the poultry science building and found out that tomorrow I don't have early morning class, then went to the book store and bought a class that I will be in for eight weeks. Yeah more books to pay for!!!! Then I went and had lunch in Brough,

Brough during lunch time it crazy! I got the first thing that I saw, grabbed my drink, and wandering for four minutes trying to find a seat. I eventually gave up and stood on the bar type seating area. Yet again a nice young man helped me out. He was done and was waiting on his friend so her gave me his chair. Thanks, whoever you are, I enjoy sitting while I eat. After lunch I went up to my room to change. It was only 12 ish and I had to change shirts because I was so sweaty.

English, not that was a fun class. This man repeats himself, has the voice you hear when you listens to books on CD, and was very serious while telling us: "That if we choose to be on Dickson, to be careful whose car you get into, and to watch yourself, because you are a precious human being" Loving this guy. He was very nice and after talking about band stuff he had my attention. My father is actually very happy to read the book that I will be reading for comp, so yet again thanks books!!!!! You cost my family so much money.

After class I scooted on down to the bank, and to work. Man we were busy!!! By the time I got out of work it had started to rain, so it took me seventeen minutes to get home, thankfully I didn't have to walk up any hills.   :)  I decided to have my first attempt at doing laundry. I got down to the laundry room around sevenish. I waited thirty minutes for a washer, and then I spent forty minutes watching TV. Then I finally got the dryer and that took fifty-five minutes. During this time I talked to about fifteen different people, moved three strangers laundry from the washer to the dryer and got in some quality TV watching time. I got back to my room around nine-thirty.

I put my laundry away, took a shower, and had a quick snack. I have no idea how many times I've yawned during writing this, but I'm sure I couldn't count it on my fingers and toes. To all my high school friends that are in college... text me, let me know how its going. If you have skype lets talk, because I'd love to see where you will be living for the next year. So have a good night and an awesome first week of college, to others an amazing school year, and parents sorry but we're growing up so get use to having an empty place in you house. But remember, we are always in your hearts. Your welcome mom and dad...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Move in day!!

Today was the most day of the world. There are no appropriate adjectives to even begin describing the hectic I have endured. Getting up at seven, leaving at eight, arriving at nine. Watching people drag my stuff up to the room, hoping that they don’t break any of my things. Not only did they handle them with care, they even brought me my bicycle. Living on the ninth floor, I really needed that bicycle in my room.

In my life there are many things I want to accomplish. I got to check one off the list; getting to fully decorate an empty space that I’ll live in. I did a bang up job. From the moment we walked in my head started to bloom with ideas of how it would come together. From the Zebra, to the blue, to the black, to the chair that took several attempts from SEVEN different people to get open. 

This stupid chair!!!! My mother and I tried for about 15 minutes. They after an hour we tried again with no success. As my mother and I headed out, that chair taunted us. After some time of talking and setting up my new job, I got some Chick-fil-a and heading home. Home for my Suzie is now the green lot. In case you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you. It is like parking your car at Wal-Mart in the first row, and then walking to Hobby Lobby, after you took around Payless first. I made it back to the dorm room. Whoo!!! First time and I didn’t even stop once, but trust me there was a lot of sweat.

By now I have sweated off what I am about to eat, but I am a very unhappy camper. That chair is still curled up in the fetal position on my floor. I suck it up and go ask a girl that lives two doors down, after I finish my sandwich. She and her roommate couldn’t figure it out. Then as I’m walking around carrying a big blue fluffy object I see a boy. I have never been more thrilled to see a boy. But alas, he could not figure it out either. Although, I had a quick laugh when a boy stepped out of the bathroom only wearing a towel, don’t worry one hand covered my mouth to shield the snickering and one blocked the view.

By now I’m pretty fed up. Now the lovely chair gets to take a ride in the elevator. I walked up to the front desk and said a few words about my chair and how it would not open, and a very nice man attempted o open up this chair. Poor man couldn’t figure it out so he asked for a mechanical engineer. Instead we got a chemical engineer, the smartest one around. It took him two seconds to push and BAM just like magic you could now sit in the chair. Then that lovely chair got to take a ride in the elevator and head on up back to the ninth floor, you know the floor that houses bicycles as well as students.

After sitting in that chair I realized what really happened today. Unlike my normal self I went and talked to six different people. 7-(me and mom) =5 + shower guy. I am very proud that after only one day I am already growing up. Oh, but about two-three hours later my sister came and saw my room and took me to retrieve a fan for the dorm and took me to a place that had a/c. Love you big sis!!!!! Then I went back to my room and unloaded the rest of my junk, went to a meeting with all the students on the floor. (In case you want to know, one side is girls and the other boys) 

After a meeting that lasted fifty minutes, I watched my roommate unpack as we talked about stuff. Stuff is probably my favorite word. I realized then all that I had accomplished today. College is going to be an experience that I will never forget. Putting me through grueling sweats, tears, and hopefully laughs; the University of Arkansas is the place for me, my chair, and coming soon my harmless fish. Whose name will be determined by throwing scrabble tiles down stairs. 

Today was a very day.