Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sophomore year

HELLO world!! So I completely forgot that I even had a blog, so yeah it's been a really long time since I've posted. I think I really am going to try to stay with it this school year, because I'm taking it as training for this summer. What are you doing this summer Amy? Well, I am so glad you asked!!! because this summer I will be going to SCOTLAND for four straight weeks!!! What What!!! You heard right!! It is a four week Ecological Conservation Study in Edinburgh, Scotland from May 26- June 22.  I will be living it up studying nature, plants, trees, soil science, Scotland's traditions and heritage, sightseeing castles, lakes, mountains, libraries, museums, and anything else I can see!! Man Amy, that sounds amazing! I bet your going to have an amazing summer! Well guess what, I am!

I am now a sophomore/junior now. Its my fourth semester at the YOU of A, but I'm at half the hours that you need to graduate, but I'm still considered a sophomore because my minor requires me to use up all my electives, so I think I'll be graduating Spring 15 like everyone else.... Not super excited about that, I thought I could possibly graduate earlier, but with all the tests and studying I have to do before I get into Vet School I've just decided to go with the flow...  Be like a regular kid for a little while.

School has been going awesome! I've had all As, 4 Bs, and 1 C. (These were all taken at the U of A). Got me a pretty good GPA: 3.651. I've got some pretty great friends, no boyfriend (no potentials in the making, and quite frankly I'm sure people are still placing bets that I'm going to become a nun), got an apartment set up for when I come back from my study abroad, got me a new job, and life has been amazing!!

I would like to take a second to thank God for blessing me so much with great parents and an amazing big sister, who is getting married in August. I'm a bridesmaid!!!! I am going to be forced to wear pink, so watch out world, August 10th, I'm gonna be super awesome looking: a little less white from the sun and potentially a tanning bed, and in a pink dress, I'm probably gonna cry a little, and I will defiantly going to making one of the best speeches of my life!

I still only have one tattoo, Mr. Jesus Fish is doing awesome! In the future he may get some buddies, but at this point in time with me not knowing what my future holds I plan on keeping up a good appearance, so sadly I can't get a face tattoo, and we all know how much I wanted one of those! But really, I'm thinking next one on the wrist so I can cover it with a watch if I need to cover it for an occasion. It's gonna be awhile, so I've got all the time in the world to pick it.

Well thanks for reading, check out my earlier blogs they are pretty hilarious I just read them before I started typing this and honestly I can hardly remember half of the stuff I wrote about, so this blog is for my memory about college, because I've been given a great opportunity to be studying at an amazing college and to be in college. So check back, I'm planning on coming back, so you should be too!

 Au revior!!!  

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