Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last weekend I went camping with a few people from my floor. There were 3 girl freshmen, and 3 boy freshmen, our 2 RAs and their 1 friend... and  5 other people with us because we needed at least 1 full time employee from the school. So 14 of us hopped into 3 cars and drove to Steel Creek Campground.

We went into two different caves, Climbed up a riverbank where I almost fell to my death, walked through a thicket of thorns and a meadow of stickers. Lots of good times. :) Lets not forget where I slept... The boys decided to give us the leaky tent and not tell us, and ten minutes after us being in our tent it rained. So 5 girls and 4 boys slept in a 6 person waterproof tent. BGGBGBGB and a G laying at our feet it was pretty hilarious.

Plus if we add the two drunk ladies next to us yelling all night, waking up to find half a boy's body on your thigh and my neighbor squished up on the side of me, and the fact that we all barely know each other is pretty awesome.

It was a really awesome weekend and we had a lot of good laughs, and now my neighbor and I have even more inside jokes together. Ahhh, Good times as a College Freshman.

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